Song Title Wednesday

July 7, 2010

Song titles:

Why Yes, I Do Think I’m Better Than You

The Waitress-Goosing Machine

The Chips Are Stacked Against Me

It Ain’t So Bad

Rejoice, If You Must

Album titles:

Mannequin Depressive

Love in the Time of Condoms

Album titles with ‘Hunts Whales’ in them:

The Impregnable Fortress Of Hunts Whales


‘So far, Scott Nicholson is a stranger to the triumphal stories that his father and grandfather tell of their working lives. They said it was connections more than perseverance that got them started — the father in 1976 when a friend who had just opened a factory hired him, and the grandfather in 1946 through an Army buddy whose father-in-law owned a brokerage firm in nearby Worcester and needed another stock broker.

‘From these accidental starts, careers unfolded and lasted. David Nicholson, now the general manager of a company that makes tools, is still in manufacturing. William Nicholson spent the next 48 years, until his retirement, as a stock broker. “Scott has got to find somebody who knows someone,” the grandfather said, “someone who can get him to the head of the line.”

‘Many hard-pressed millennials are falling back on their parents, as Scott Nicholson has. While he has no college debt (his grandparents paid all his tuition and board) many others do, and that helps force them back home.’

Song Title Wednesday

June 30, 2010

Song titles:

You Have The Right To Remain Terrible

The Frantic Skeleton Dance

I Know From Savages

Grow To The Size Of Your Bowl

Don’t Make Me Say What I Want

Album titles:

All I See Is The Flaws

Yikes That Smarts!

Wincers Never Quit

Basic Cable TV Series Titles:

The Adventures of Young Cap’n Crunch

According to Eckhart Tolle

Song Title Wednesday

June 23, 2010

Song titles:

Don’t Miss Me Too Much

Farmers’ Daughters Are Overrated

Taking Out The Trash

I Will Always Love You, I Lied

My Scorn Is Meta

Girls Need Blinders

Goodbye, Not Cruel Enough World!

Album titles:

The Man Who Got Everything He Wanted

The Diet Starts Tomorrow!^^**

Band names:

Bogun Patrol

*This album title is so good that I can’t guarantee that I won’t use it later, so take it at your own risk, putative readers!

The choice of the name Bailey was based on branding.

Song Title Wednesday

June 15, 2010

It’s Song Title Wednesday #7, trick. 

Song titles:

Nothing’s Ever Good Enough For You People
Leave While They’re Still Asking You To Stay
Blood and Calculations
Tyler Perry’s Dog Barks To Keep From Crying
The Heart Wants What It Wants And Beats When It’s Told
Don’t Besame Mucho

Album titles:

Dual Citizenship
Willful Ignorance Is The Only Ignorance For Me

Band names:

Disconnection Junction
The Almost Stifled Orgasms

Album Titles with ‘Hunts Whales’ in them’:

Hunts Whales, She Wrote
Young, Dumb and Hunts Whales

Song Title Wednesday

June 9, 2010

Song Titles:

Turning a Blind Eye

In Like A Lion, Off With His Head

Laugh It Up, Chuckles


Album Titles:

Rang Rang Super Krang

The Way of All Flesh

Die Harder And Harder And Harder Forever

Band Names:

Hard R

The Barely Stifled Orgasms

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

Album Title with the Phrase Hunts Whales in it:

HUNTS WHALES! That’s What I Call Music

Video Game Titles:

Holdover from Jing Jang Island

Incompetent individuals:

  1. Tend to overestimate their own level of skill
  2. Fail to recognize genuine skill in others
  3. Fail to recognize the extremity of their inadequacy
  4. If they can be trained to substantially improve their own skill level, they can recognize and acknowledge their own previous lack of skill.

Self-control is an exhaustible resource. And I don’t mean self-control only in the sense of turning down cookies or alcohol, I mean a broader sense of self-supervision—any time you’re paying close attention to your actions, like when you’re having a tough conversation or trying to stay focused on a paper you’re writing. This helps to explain why, after a long hard day at the office, we’re more likely to snap at our spouses or have one drink too many—we’ve depleted our self-control.

“What looks like laziness is often exhaustion. Change wears people out—even well-intentioned people will simply run out of fuel.”